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CogMed Working Memory Training is an evidence-based program for children, adolescents and adults to improve attention by training “working memory” skills. Working memory requires keeping information in memory for a short time, focusing on a task, ignoring distractions, remembering next steps, and completing tasks. With training, individuals demonstrate improved ability to concentrate, control impulsive responses, and engage in sustained complex problem solving. Based on research, CogMed has resulted in improvements for those who use or do not use ADHD medication.


Younger children (as young as preschool age) use working memory for skills such as focusing attention, memory, following instructions, and working independently. School age children and adolescents utilize working memory in following conversations and presentations, comprehending instruction, and solving problems in learning.  For adults, critical challenges in planning, meeting deadlines, and resisting distractions are related to working memory.


CogMed is presented in a multimodal format on a home computer with the purchase of a license. Entire program cost is $900.00 

The program is based on scientific research and delivered under the supervision of a trained and qualified CogMed Coach.  TIn addition to the license, the program includes:

  1. Initial interview and start-up session 

  2. Five weeks of supervised training on a home computer, five days a week (Weekly coaching calls and online progress monitoring)

  3. Graphs to show progress 

  4. Six month follow-up and access to extended training

To learn more about CogMed and to review related research visit

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