Psychological Assessments & Therapy/PATh Deanne Johnson, PhD
Psychological Assessments & Therapy/PAThDeanne Johnson, PhD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the assessment consist of?

A:  The assessment consists of testing for intellectual and processing abilities, components of achievement, social/

behavioral functioning, consideration of background 

information and observations. A disability can be

identified for potential services. 


Q: How much does an assessment cost and what does this fee include?

A: A full assessment will cost from $1500 to $2200. This

will include assessment appointments, a thorough and individualized report, and an office appointment to review

the results and recommendations for further action. If

there was prior current assessment, a partial

reassessment may be an option at a lower cost.


Q: Can I get this assessment done by my child’s

A: Under some circumstances, children will be eligible to

have similar assessments completed by their local school district. Many parents who seek this assessment privately

want a more in-depth assessment, did not want to be on a waiting list for assessment, or prefer to  choose their own examiner.


In some cases, parents may ask the school district to pay

for an “Independent Educational Evaluation” or I.E.E. Dr. Johnson is approved for I.E.E.’s in San Diego and Riverside Counties. In order to find out the process for requesting district assessments or an I.E.E., you would need to contact a representative from the district in which your child attends school.

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